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Excerpt of a review -with a little help from google translate 

Derek Vanderhorst knows his instruments and you can hear him use it in the form of banjos, mouth harmonicas and mandolins. I listen to this record with great sincere pleasure. Wildflower has everything to me why I listen to so much music. A wonderful musical coloring, lyrics that are easy to understand and voice with a raw dark edge. Yes, Derek Vanderhorst has turned it into a beautiful piece of art. With an experienced band at his side, Wildflower has become a memorable and beautiful album.


Liverpool sound and vision review

Liverpool sound and vision review

Excerpt from a review on Bloggerythhms

"Even after daily vocal lessons Vanderhorst is aware of his limitations. He describes his voice as "rough" and compares his singing to Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. But let it be known, even with all of his medical problems Vanderhorst is a better singer than either of those legends were in their prime. In fact, his vocals suit his songs perfectly, 

Wildflower is a quite pleasant debut that should be enjoyed by anyone who favors folk or country music. You surely will not be disappointed."